Mass Consumption and Self-Perception

Luis Alfaro's newest social satire takes a slice at the American dream

Published on LatinoLA: April 23, 2003

Mass Consumption and Self-Perception

Dear Comadre, Compadre, Tio Chuy and other friends of the Latino Theatre Initiative,

First of all, thank you to all of our supporters who have come out to our beautiful new theater in Culver City, The Ivy Substation, to see Luis Alfaro?s new play, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner is a comedy about two sisters on a search for fulfillment. Big sister Minerva is getting bigger by the moment. Everyone thinks it?s emptiness, but maybe it?s just love. Skinny sister Alice wants a man to own and finds one in the back of a squad car. Officer Fernandez wants something more than strip clubs and Nintendo, but not exactly on a first name basis. Good husband Al wants it just like it used to be. And it could, except someone starts to float! A social satire that looks at mass consumption and self-perception in a world of mega markets and super sizes. Alfaro takes another slice at the American dream. A brave new comedy from the author of Straight as a Line and Bitter Homes and Gardens.

We have been getting a tremendous audience each night as we, in our locura, have committed to performing eight shows a week! Tuesday through Sunday @ 8PM and Saturday and Sunday @ 2PM. You can imagine filling that many seats each week is a challenge, but we have sold out 70% of all of our performances! So, gracias for spreading the word.

We are also pleased to say that we have made our budget. In Chicano terms, that means that we paid for the masa to make the tamales. Now, we need the audience to eat our tamales (teatro) so to speak.

That?s where you come in.

If you have not come down to the theater, you need to be here. You will have a great time. A great new play that is both funny and moving. A cool lobby with a great bar. Nice new seats instead of those old hard-on-the-nalgas folding chairs. Restaurants within walking distance. Two Starbucks a block away and free parking.

Gente, the only thing missing is my abuelita to tuck you into your seat?

So, due to popular demand, we added a week of shows and we are now going into that final week.

We are looking for the brave souls that love supporting new plays, new ideas and new forms. This is what we aim to provide for the community in our new space. No revivals of Zoot Suit, but brave new works that reflect our community and its politics and dreams today. So, what do you say, into something new and juicy?

Okay, pues, here are the details -

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
A new comedy by Luis Alfaro
Directed by Michael John Garces
Starring Michael Manuel, Rose Portillo, Winston Rocha and Diane Rodriguez
Tuesday ? Sunday 8PM
Sunday 2PM
All seats: $20 (Mention Code: BLD)
Box office and Information: 213-628-2772
Get your tickets and information online! www.taperahmanson.com

The Ivy Substation
9070 Venice Blvd, Culver City, 90323

For more information or to be added to our mailing list - lalfaro@ctgla.org

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner & The Latino Theatre Initiative are part of the Mark Taper Forum's New Play Development Program.

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