"She Rain a Story of Hope" Being Adapted to Film

A drama about child living as prey to an opium-addicted father, drowning in a gene-pool of lowest expectations

By Gilberto Vera (Producer)
Published on LatinoLA: March 14, 2011

"She Rain a Story of Hope" Being Adapted to Film

Beautifully written by Michael Cogdill (25 Emmys and a national Edward R. Murrow Award, his work has appeared on CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, and The Today Show).

She-Rain branches toward one of the least-expected figures ever in a Southern novel. Her mystery begging the question -- what might have been, had an African-American infant born of scandal been placed on the arms of one of the grandest American fortunes of the early 20th Century? In the bosom of that fortune, she is raised utterly cloistered, hidden in the clefts of Appalachia, steeped in her "adoptive" mother's Vassar education, classical piano, and the refinements most mountain people considered as distant and alien as the stars.

When that son of an opium addict (fresh from battling wilderness, a freight train and a white-water river) happens upon her -- each in uniquely desperate times -- they set off a seismic change to the worlds they've known. Driven by what Faulkner might call human hearts conflicted deep within themselves, they rise to meet an adventure compared to that of Cold Mountain and The Color Purple. She-Rain is a magnetic tale that melts the hard rocks of racism, classism, and the violent self-destruction of living down to the worst human expectations. By its contemporary end, this tale has moved readers of both genders to tears.

Entertaining with wild humor, the grit of reality, and a love triangle of the least expected.

Author, Michael Cogdill has expressed interest in casting Hailee Steinfeld and Robin Wright in principal roles.

Produced by Richard O'Sullivan (One Night With You, Hallows) and Gilberto Vera (Bettie Page Reveals All, Johnny Montana).

Screenplay being written by Peter MacNicol (actor known for such films and shows as "Sophie's Choice," "24," "Num3ers," "Ally McBeal," and most recently "Grey's Anatomy," he has also written scripts for "Num3ers" and "Ally McBeal)

Directorial interest from both Peter MacNicol (who has directed episodes of "Ally McBeal" and "Num3ers") and Paul Schattel (director of the festival-winning film "Sinkhole," which was distributed by Shoreline Entertainment)

Currently being considered for attachment by several major sales and distribution companies.

About Gilberto Vera (Producer):
Gilberto Vera who works as a producer, consultant, marketing and technical adviser. He currently is working on various films and documentaries both on the market and in development.
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