By Rudy Gandara aka lil Rudy g
Published on LatinoLA: April 29, 2003


Thanks for Nations with notions
To conquer everything and everyone in sight?
go on call it a holiday
An ?American tradition? with an appetite for destruction
Thanks for a continent to be infected with Brutal power and corruption

Thanks for the work in your kitchens & factories, picking your crops and the courteous cops
For cutting your grass, polishing window glass and kissing your ass.
Thank for transforming Paradise into salt mines sometimes

Thanks for filling the Big Business prisons with my brothers and sisters?.
Although I know of a few bastards that belong there?

Thanks to that son of a bitch that stole my car battery?got me fired ?..but?Probably did me a favor.

Thanks for proposition 187, 209, 666, traffic tickets, your governors, congressmen, and the evil politics

Thanks for the Genocide?train rides?Texas ranger gloves rapped in barbed wire?
Border battles, Bracero programs and deportations

Thanks for the Crack! The rat pack and the Billion dollar War on Drugs??Just say no Nancy??..

Thanks for the 900 million ton tomahawk missiles With 25 per submarine and a range of 4000 miles each, capable of annihilating the planet??man!

?now I can ?sleep at night?

Thanks for starting Wars you can't finish, that thin out our youth from time to time?
Ol? men start what the young man has to finish,
Go on take it like a man, Son?.

Thanks for the middle class suburban children capable of mass executions and murder ?..Y?all

Thanks for the Snakes in my garden?.

Thanks for the swell schools and grand opportunities?like a job at some night club or fancy restaurant passing out mints and toilet paper for tips?no offense, pops.

Thanks for the grocery carts?the new ?Homeless Chariots? of broken dreams?.
Thanks for the tenements and projects, our urban reservations with one way in, but no way out.

Thank for the malicious militias?the KKK, CIA, FBI, NRA, IRS, ATF & SPECIAL FORCES,
the new muscle of our GLOBAL society

Thanks for four hundred and ninety nine years of servitude, solitude, and repression
The sun never sets on your influence; your forever lost weekend

Thanks for the last and greatest betrayal..of the last and greatest of dreams

Then conquer we must?.for our cause is just & this be our motto:
In God WE Trust??

About Rudy Gandara aka lil Rudy g:
Rudy Gandara AKA Lil' Rudy g: East Los shoe shine boy makes good. Look for the future book "Hijo de la chingada" from black sparrow books and the CD "Don't Piss on my Back and tell me its Raining" (working title) on BMG

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