The Stupidity of Idiot Latino Sports Fans

How the beating of a San Francisco Giants fan at Dodger Stadium has once again tarnished our proud race

By William Gallegos
Published on LatinoLA: April 5, 2011

The Stupidity of Idiot Latino Sports Fans

Headlines are being made at a Dodgers game once again for the wrong reasons. First, a West Covina man walking to his car after a 2003 Dodger game is shot by an individual by the name of Pete Marron over a silly argument in the parking lot. Next, an Asian female Dodger fan, attending a game a few years later with her boyfriend, a devoted Giants fan, is attacked both physically and verbally (with racial slurs) by an intoxicated female Dodgers fan. Then, in 2009, an individual by the name of Arthur Alvarez is charged with the stabbing of a Giants fan in the Dodger stadium parking lot. And now, two Dodger fans are involved in the recent parking lot beating of a San Francisco Giants fan who, a week later, is still in the hospital and in critical condition.

It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that what the above incidents have in common is that they all involve individuals that I will refer to as "idiot Latinos" (not to confuse readers with "mature Latinos"). Whether it is the Dodgers, the Lakers, the Raiders, the USC Trojans, or even a little league team, these idiot Latinos are always there to ruin the fun and are the only ones too stupid and too uneducated to know what the term "good sportsmanship" means.

Dodger Stadium, once known to be the perfect place to enjoy family entertainment, is now transforming into the meeting place for both gang and fan violence. These idiot Latinos responsible for this recent display of stupidity are reminding us all of the same idiot Latinos that made LA Raider games of the 1990's not worth attending due to both gang and fan violence as well.

Forget the horrific ownership of cheapskate Frank McCourt. It is this type of Dodger stadium violence that is the reason why more and more fans are starting not to attend Dodger games anymore. According to a recent report on KABC 7's website, the Saturday night Dodgers/Giants game, which took place just two days after the horrific beating, was the lowest weekend figure for a Dodgers/Giants game at Dodger Stadium in eight years. Oh how I miss those violent-free days of Garvey, Gibson, and Hershiser.

A couple of years back, I took this girl out to a Dodger game, her first Dodger game ever. The team was playing the St. Louis Cardinals, who had a good number of fans in attendance.

A Cardinals fan some ten rows in front of me was standing up and cheering for one of its players who had just hit a home run. Suddenly, some tattooed, shaved-head, Latino punk sitting one aisle to the left of this Cardinals fan, is caught throwing an object at him (looked like some paper item crumbled into a ball). The two individuals are now standing up and exchanging words to each other when security suddenly starts walking down the aisle.

Sitting to my right is a young white couple with their two kids who probably are no older than five years old. Sitting to the left of me is another tattooed, shaved-head, Latino punk who is in attendance with his soon to be welfare-recipient, pregnant girlfriend. This punk, knowing that just a few seats to the right of him are two young kids, sees security trying to cool things down and starts yelling, "F#*K Security", multiple times.

Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, it is not a surprise that it would be Latinos who would start this trouble and who would yell profanities in the presence of children. Me and the girl I took would end up leaving around the 6th or 7th inning....and not because we wanted to beat the traffic. I think it was at this moment where I first realized that it wasn't worth attending Dodger games anymore. Don't deny the fact that we all know loyal Dodger fans who have also felt this same way in recent times when it comes to these type of problems at Dodger games.

What happened here is not a problem affecting all 30 baseball teams. Since 1999, I have attended the stadiums of 25 different baseball teams and yet have never experience or witnessed the type of problems we are now seeing more and more at Dodger Stadium. Every stadium visited got an A+ grade when it came to fights towards the fans of the visiting team and no one getting jumped in the parking lot or subways for simply wearing the apparel of the visiting team.

Now of course, you hear stories about New York and Philadelphia fans being rowdy. That is true but that rowdiness is known to be towards only the players of the visiting teams, not towards the fans of those visiting teams. When a Giants fan landing in the hospital, thanks to two idiot Latinos, makes nationwide headlines on and, you know the reputation of our race is tarnished nationwide as well.

I am sure that somewhere in the city of Los Angeles, these two homies, which I guarantee are both unemployed and uneducated, are right now drinking some cold ones in the garage of their parents' house, wearing their expensive Dodger attire (attire that was likely stolen or likely purchased with government assisted dollars), and are laughing about their LAPD sketches that were aired on the news.

Are these type of idiot Latinos brainwashed into believing that wearing the attire of an opposing team is just as much the same as being associated with a rival gang? I once was walking down a street while wearing a cap of my favorite NFL football team when an idiot Latino driving by yelled some obscenities about the team that was displayed on my cap. He yelled, "F#*K the.........(name of the team).

It's one thing for someone to show support of their team by saying out loud the name of their favorite team should they see someone else wearing attire of a different team (someone once yelled to me, "Go Suns", the moment they saw my Lakers cap, which I thought was done respectfully and out of team spirit) but to say the F word? Give me a break! There could have been children present and still, I guarantee this idiot Latino would have still said the F word due to the cap I was wearing.

I have walked through San Diego's Gaslamp district many times wearing my Dodgers cap and not once has any Padres fan ever yelled, "F#*k the Dodgers"! In 2007, I went to the MLB all star game in San Francisco wearing my Dodgers cap and not once did any Giants fan yell, "F#*K the Dodgers"! And in 2009, I went to the NBA all star game in Phoenix, wearing different Lakers attire each day and yet, not once during my weekend there did any Suns fan yell, "F#*K the Lakers"!

Trust me, I am not someone who resembles an NFL lineman so this was not about someone not wanting to mess with me due to my size. This was about maturity, respecting one's team pride, and sportsmanship.

You want the best example of maturity, respecting one's team pride, and sportsmanship? I went to the 2009 World Baseball classic at both Petco Park and Dodger stadium when Korea and Japan faced each other in the earlier rounds and for the championship. 50 thousand plus people in attendance each of the three times they met (twice in San Diego and once for the championship in LA), with roughly 80 percent of those at the three games being either Japanese or Korean people.

Unless I was under a spell each night and didn't remember anything, I did not see any fights, arrests, or objects being thrown at Japanese or Korean fans standing up and rooting for their country's team. Best of all, there were no stabbings or gunshots in the parking lot following all three games. But yet, the moment Giant fans make a visit to Dodger Stadium, the stadium and its parking lot suddenly makes a violent city like Ciudad Juarez look like paradise. The idiot Latinos known for sending the Giants fan to the hospital on opening night 2011 could learn a lot from these Japanese and Korean fans.

I think we all know that history does show that fan violence and stupidity among Latinos does not only take place within the premises of the venues but outside in the neighborhoods as well. We have seen this year after year during the Lakers' streak of NBA finals appearances both a decade ago and in the past few years.

When the Anaheim Ducks won the Stanley Cup in 2007, did the white people of Orange County act like idiots by burning down cop cars and looting neighboring stores? No!!!!

When the Anaheim Angels won the World Series in 2002, did the Asians of nearby Garden Grove, Westminster, and Santa Ana act like idiots by burning down cop cars and looting neighboring stores? No!!!!

And when the Lakers back in the 1980's won title after title, did the blacks in Inglewood act like idiots by burning down cop cars and looting neighboring stores? No!!!!

But the moment the Kobe Bryant-led Lakers win a title, all the idiot Latinos at LA Live are happily tarnishing their race by burning taxis, creating bonfires, blocking traffic, vandalizing cars, and throwing objects at LAPD officers. And don't even attempt to blame the media on this. I was at game 7 of the finals last year and trust me, I saw it all. These were not Latinos who were at the game or at one of the LA Live bars or restaurants but idiot Latinos who showed up after the Lakers won the title. Because of these idiot Latinos, many of those attending the game, including myself, had to wait around an hour just to simply get to our cars.

I remember listening to shock jock Tom Leykis on 97.1 FM when the Lakers were playing the Philadelphia 76ers in the 2001 NBA finals. He was asking his listeners how they were going to celebrate, should the Lakers repeat as champions. This one young Latino punk, who sounded like he was no older than 18 years old, said he was going to celebrate the championship by burning cars at the Staples Center parking lot (this is course was back when LA Live was still the parking lot for the suite holders). This punk even bragged about how he was from Highland Park, the neighborhood my family once called my home for roughly 20 years before moving out in 1990 due to the gang problems created by such punks as this one. A listener on a second line would call up in anger, saying how these punks are ruining the fun for everyone and how he would love to get his hands on this punk should he attempt to mess with this second caller's car. The young Latino punk was laughing on the phone and made it clear that he was going to get away with what he was planning on doing and how this second caller was not going to catch him.

To all you Latino criminal rights supporters reading this.....don't even attempt to tell me that I may be wrong when assuming this punk is a Latino (since I was not able to see his face). I suppose someone angered at me due to what I have written so far is also going to come to the defense of this young punk, claiming that perhaps he grew up in a broken home and therefore should get help instead of jail time (had he been caught). As far as I know, this punk probably already had a lengthy criminal record at the time of this Tom Leykis radio episode. I am willing to guarantee to all those reading this that this punk probably had a mom and dad who both would claim how he was a good kid who has never done anything bad in his life. I am also willing to guarantee that this idiot today is now either dead, in jail, or unemployed and living off both his parents and our tax dollars.

Still don't want to admit we have a problem when it comes to idiot Latinos ruining the fun in sports?

Remember when the Lakers were kind enough to open the Staples Center to those who wanted to see the away games of the 2008 NBA finals on their big screen? Idiot Latinos would end up starting trouble with those who were doing nothing more than simply cheering for their Celtics. Anyone who saw the footage will remember how these idiot Latinos were seen throwing chairs at these same Boston fans.

Now trust me, I hate the Celtics, I hated Larry Bird, I hated Danny Ainge, and today, I hate Paul Pierce. But if someone is cheering for their team in a respectful way, then let them do it without fear of injury or harm. Because of this melee, the Lakers would end up canceling the rest of the screenings. The proceeds from the sales of admission tickets to all these away game screenings would have gone to local charities. Hope those idiot Latinos gave themselves a big hand.

Interesting story.....remember when the Lakers beat Boston last year? That same week, the Dodgers were in Boston playing the Red Sox for a weekend series. Several friends of mine had actually gone to the east coast to see one of the games. These friends said that they were watching game 7 of the finals in their LA attire at some pub packed with Boston Celtic fans. Whether you want to believe it or not, when the game ended, not only did these Boston fans not beat the crap out of my friends (who were definitely outnumbered) but the streets of Boston were quiet. No looting, no burning of cars, no riot police, and thankfully, no Laker fans sent to the hospital!!! Try seeing these same results to both the Celtic fans at LA live and the streets of downtown LA, had Boston won game 7.

Now I want to make things clear to those reading this story. Do I believe that all Latinos act like idiots at sporting events? Of course not! Mature Latinos do attend sporting events. Do I believe that it is only the Latinos who act like idiots at sporting events? No again. We have all seen our share of other races acting like idiots. But the sad truth is, whether you want to admit it or not, idiot Latinos, like the ones who put the Giants fan in the hospital, make up a very, very large percentage of those who ruin the fun for everyone at sporting events.

And this problem is not just affecting the pro level. What about that brawling video that was taken at a little league game somewhere in the LA area a few years ago. It was the video where two shaved-head Latino brothers are seen kicking a fallen, black little league father in the presence of all the kids? Nice way to set an example. This footage is seen on cable video shows all the time so don't play dumb by saying you are unaware of it. It is these type of bad role model parents at sporting events that can lead to their young ones taking the wrong road in life (like parent, like child). If anyone has witnessed a fight at a little league game, a Lakers game, a Dodgers game, or even an LA Raiders game, where all those involved were not Latinos, feel free to tell me but chances are, you're lying.

And what about USC games, whose fans are rapidly consisting of Latino thugs who could never in their lifetime be intelligent or educated enough to call themselves a "USC student or alumnus". Did these new set of idiot Latinos also not make headlines last year for causing a melee at the tailgate party at the Rose Bowl. We all saw the amateur videos on the news, so don't deny it.

And to think, LA wants to build an NFL stadium in the heart of downtown LA. Lord help those fans of the visiting teams when that stadium becomes a reality!!!!

Also, is it me or are these same type of idiot Latinos the only ones who are always showing up to sporting events intoxicated and are always showing up with their own beer stashed in their pants or jackets? Don't be offended by this comment. George Lopez always makes fun of Latinos who are known for doing this all the time. Bet you wouldn't be offended by this entire story had he been the writer.

As I end this story, I want to remind all that what you have read is not about me being a racist towards my own race nor is it about me being ashamed of my own race. This story is about me being honest about a problem that continues to put a dark cloud over our proud race. LA sports fans are a melting pot, consisting of many, many races. When idiot Latinos cheering for the Raiders, USC, the Lakers, and the Dodgers, make their stupidity known at these events, these same idiot Latinos are telling fans of other races that this is how we are as a race, when it comes to attending sporting events. An intelligent Latino reading this will back me up on this 100%.

Though these problems are far from disappearing, I will still keep my heart devoted to LA baseball........LA Angels baseball, that is!

At least when the Angels promote their games as fun, family entertainment, they mean it!!!!

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