The New Now: Defining the Future Together

The National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP) continues to empower Latinos at its annual conference

Published on LatinoLA: April 18, 2011

The New Now: Defining the Future Together

The National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP) continued to empower Latinos as more mainstream roles are created for and by Latinos at their 2011 Conference "The New Now: Defining the Future Together".

Prominent Latino filmmakers from across the globe came together for the 12th annual NALIP gathering chaired by Rudy Beserra, Vice President of Latin Affairs for the Coca Cola Company. This year's national conference, "The New Now: Defining the Future Together," looked at how bi-cultural, bi-lingual Latinos are connecting with and creating mainstream media.

"Modern Family" star Sofia Vergara was honored with the Outstanding Achievement Award for her tireless work creating positive Latina images, especially in regards to 21st century families that include Latino characters and culture. The Lifetime Achievement in Advocacy Award was presented to Governor Bill Richardson, POV/American Documentary received the Corporate Diversity Award and the McDonald's Corporation endowed two $7,500 grants to Estela Award winners Javier Fuentes-Le??n and Francisco Bello. Luncheon keynote speakers were James McNamara, Chairman of Pantelion Films and Gerry Lopez, CEO and President of AMC Theatres.

Here's some notable quotes:

Sofia Vergara - NALIP Outstanding Achievement Award winner:
"I am so honored that NALIP would give me this award for always fighting to play positive Latina roles on television. Thank you for this great honor!!

Governor Bill Richardson - NALIP Lifetime Achievement in Advocacy Award winner:
"We created the opening to bring the entertainment industry to our community. New Mexico now has the largest trained crew base in the country outside of California and New York, strengthening our economy and providing jobs and skills for the residents of our state. As importantly, our commitment to our filmmakers, and particularly Latino filmmakers, actors, writers and other talent, has strengthened the voice of the people ÔÇô a voice too often pigeonholed or marginalized in mainstream media. I am proud to have played a role in that changing circumstance, and remain committed to building a strong foundation for the state??s film industry and for Latino film and television globally."

James McNamara - NALIP keynote speaker, Chairman of Pantelion Films:
"The mainstream needs to get with the new reality. Latinos go to the movies 20 ÔÇô 50 times per year! The market must react to changes! Randy Falco, former head of Universal Television and now COO of Univision was quoted in the New York Times as saying, there are two opportunities in the industry right now, online and Latinos. The lack of Latino presence in the studio system is your opportunity to make a change!"

Gerry Lopez- NALIP keynote speaker, CEO and President of AMC Theatres, sharing his thoughts on Day and Date:
"I honestly don't get it. There is something magical about the theatre experience that you can't replicate at home; people want to be entertained. I haven't found a studio exec that can tell me how this is healthy for the movie business. If I put on my Harvard MBA hat, the business model doesn't make sense. It puts our business model at risk. It puts the entire (film Industry) business model at risk. I don't care how good your iPad is, it can't replace the movie going experience.

Who else was there: Wilmer Valderrama, Nicholas Gonzales ("Off the Map"), Jason George ("Off the Map"), Benito Martinez ("The Shield"), Josefina L??pez (Real Women Have Curves), Yancey Arias (Am?®rica), Yareli Arizmendi (Like Water for Chocolate), Nicolina Royale (Designer), Maris?® Alvarez (Che/ Am?®rica), Rosa Blasi ("Make It Or Break It"), Jason Manuel Olazabal ("Make It Or Break It"), Emilio Rivera ("The Sons of Anarchy"), Lisa Vidal ("The Event"), Valerey M. Ortiz ("America Latino"), Catalina Rodriguez ("Cougars, Inc."), Luis Lopez (Beyond the Blackboard), Joe Hernandez-Kolski (HBO Def Poet), Francisco Bello (Salim Baba, NALIP Estela winner) and Javier Fuentes-Le??n (Undertow, NALIP Estela winner).

More info at http://conference12.nalip.org.

Photo of Catalina Rodriguez, Luis Lopez and Valery Ortiz by Lindsay Rowe.
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