Birth of A RINO

Yes Virginia, there are Republicans that wouldn't vote for Genghis Kahn or Michelle Bachman.

By Alberto Marrero Salas
Published on LatinoLA: April 25, 2011

Birth of A RINO

I have a number of friends and family members who have been at odds with me politically. These are not new friends. These are people that I have known for many years.

The problem seems to be that they consider me a RINO. A Republican in name only. There have been many famous RINOS. Senator Olympia Snow of Maine a Republican has been targeted by the Tea Party as a RINO and as a person that should be defeated in 2012.

Her sins? Being able to walk across the aisle and come up with compromises and bipartisanship . That is the essence of government in a democracy. Give me some of what I want and I will give you some of what you want.

John McCain was also considered a RINO until he was challenged in the Republican primary by the knuckle-walking Neanderthal J.D. Hayworth who was supported by the Tea Baggers.

Suddenl,y McCain went from an avid supporter along with Ted Kennedy of comprehensive immigration reform (anyone remember McCain/Kennedy immigration bill) to "build the damn fence".

The Tea Baggers would also classify George W. Bush as a RINO due to his stances on TARP, bailouts and comprehensive immigration reform. No one fought harder for immigration reform than George W. Bush. No one.

Bush along with Bernanke, Paulson and yes even Obama kept us from selling pencils and apples on the street. Yes Mr. President they were to big to fail.

The problem that I have in supporting the extremists on the right of the GOP (Hannity, Limbaugh, Palin, Bachman, and Malkin who hates anchor babies and is an anchor baby herself) is that I don't know anyone in the top 2% of income earners anymore. I did when I worked at Merrill and Pru-Bache.

But now I know many people who are barely surviving on unemployment benefits. Such as Don Martinez a Guatemalan immigrant who worked at a sugar company for 18 years and was laid off. He is now 60 and is having a terrible time finding a job.

I also know Don Geraldo a Cuban immigrant who was working at a company for 15 years. He was laid off. Now also at 60 it is very difficult for him to get a job.

During the recent tax cut negotiations the Republicans threatened to cut off unemployment benefits unless the top 2% in income kept their tax cuts. I consider that as immoral. How are you going to cut off people that are barely surviving unless you agree to tax cuts for the top two percent of income earners?

Jose and his family gets a card box home unless Warren Buffet and Bill Gates don't get a tax cut.

I also believe that unemployment benefits should be extended to the 99'ers as this would further stimulate the economy and spare a huge amount of pain on the group of Americans that have been the hardest hit by this downturn.

The GOP proposed to send Don Martinez and Don Geraldo and their families to the Union Mission in downtown Los Angeles unless Warren Buffet, Donald Trump and GE got their tax cut. Unbelievable.

I also have a problem with a person being able to buy forty AK 47's in Arizona and shipping them to Mexico and when they get there to blame the Mexicans for the horrible violence.

I support the 2nd amendment and believe in the right to arm bears. I believe in one AK 47 per person. Who the hell hunts with an AK 47 or an UZI?

Do I own a gun? No I own 4 gangsta cats and a baseball bat. Do I believe that guns kill people? No. People with guns kill people.

Then we have the Donald. The guy is a joke. I invested in the Trump Taj Majal in Atlantic City and lost my ass. Trump is a celebrity like Snookie or Paris Hilton. A person who is famous because he is famous. The Donald for President Snookie for vice president. Sort of reminds you of McCain and Palin.

I also want immediately out of Afghanistan. Saw a video last night of Afghans burning and stepping on the American flag. How dare they. Can anyone tell me what is victory in Afghanistan?

There is no shame in getting out of Afghanistan. The Greeks under Alexander failed as did the Brits as did the Russians. If Alexander the great could not win in Afghanistan then I have my doubts about Obama the meek.

Afghanistan is a backward tribal society they will never , ever have any idea of what a democratic society is. They will continue to beat their women, do honor killings and believe in martyrs for Islam.

A few months ago there was a cover story in Time magazine about an Afghan girl who was brought to the United States because her father cut off her nose.

Afghanistan will never in our lifetimes become a shining beacon of democracy. We are talking about a society whose national sport is taking the carcass of a sheep and scoring a goal .

At the same time the Democratic party is owned lock stock and barrel by the public employee unions.

In California we have a 26 BILLION deficit. While unemployment went to 12% in California public employee state workers hires went up 5%.

Jerry Brown is proposing a continuation of our income, sales and registration taxes for a period of five years.

There was en election about a year ago where Proposition A was defeated. Proposition A extended the current tax level for another year.

Now instead of reforming the unsustainable pensions in California Brown is asking for us to approve higher taxes for the next five years. In private industry you have a 401K as a retirement fund. Market get hit your 401 K gets hit.

If you are a State employee no matter what the market does they are guaranteed an 8% return on their retirement fund. When the market tanks you and I get to pay the guaranteed return to the State employees.

In the next few months you will see an onslaught of adds telling you that your children will not learn. That your Police will not protect you and that your house will be burned down. Also if you go to the hospital there will be no nurses or doctors to take care of you.

These adds will be paid by the Teachers union, the Police and Firefighter union and other unions such as the nurses. They are meant to scare you so that you call your local senators and assembly members to maintain or raise your taxes.

The problem is that your California Senator and Assembly member are OWNED by the public employee unions.

Monopolies such as the DWP, teachers, police and firemen should not be unionized. If the employees go on strike you have no alternative. Remember the RTD strike a few years ago and nannies getting fired due to lack of transportation?

In the private market, if Shell goes on strike you can buy at Exxon or at Arco. If Vons goes on strike you can shop at Ralph's or the Vallarta. The same thing should apply to public employee unions. If you work for a monopoly, no union.

Furthermore the Obama administration has been a disaster for immigrants. No immigration reform, even though he had a bullet proof majority in both houses of Congress. There have been more non-criminal deportations and ICE raids at job sites (Chipotle Restaurants) than at ANY OTHER TIME IN THE HISTORY OF THIS NATION.

Guatemala ask for TPS (Temporary Protected Status) and Obama was the only one involved in the decision to say yes or no. Can't blame the Tea Baggers or the Republicans or the Blue Dog Democrats.

It was up to Obama ... he said "No."

Now Guatemalans that have been here legally since 1991 are entering deportation proceedings. And there is no way to save them. These are people that have work permits, social security cards, California ID's have US-born children, own homes and businesses.

After 19 years, the Obama administration says good bye, good luck and I hope your kids who have never been to Guatemala do well after deportation.

So as a RINO, I choose to support both parties and at the same time, neither. So when friends accuse me of being a RINO, I say ... I never left the GOP, the GOP left me.

About Alberto Marrero Salas:
Worked on Wall Street during the 70's and 80's at Merrill Lynch and Prudential Bache when yuppies were cool, greed was good and the men were men and the sheep were nervous.
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