?íVamos P?í L.A., Ese!

The British Royal wedding didn't do a thing for us in the Land of 1000 Dances

By Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: May 1, 2011

?íVamos P?í L.A., Ese!

?íOrale! All the mitote about the British Royal wedding is finally over!...sheesh!

I mean let's get real here...think about it:

Two British kids, who nobody REALLY knows personally outside their circle, one born of privilege who may be the handsome son of a beloved princess but who has never done anything great for anybody I know.... get a lavish, exclusive, multi-million dollar, government-funded wedding (that they NEVER have to pay back~talk about welfare!), complete with military security, limos, horse drawn carriages, luxurious luncheons, banquets, and parties that NONE of us will get invited to
(yea...I didn't get the DJ gig for the reception either, LOL!)...and television & newspapers around the World spent millions sending correspondents to cover....what did we get out of it besides a few "awwws" from celebrities & TV news people?

(Note: I tried to get El Editor de LatinoLA to send me and brother Al Carlos Hernandez to England to cover the boda, but due to federal government furloughs & shut downs, we couldn't get our passports in time...LOL!)

Y como que "historical moment" ?? For who?? Despite WHAT politicians, rock stars, and movie stars think of themselves, there is NO official royalty in my Country, and if memory serves me right, don't we celebrate our independence every year on July 4th from the Brits, who were ripping us off, abusing us, and who brought slavery to America ?....what did WE get out of it besides a lot of unnecessary TV coverage ad nauseum ?

Sorry, folks...it is what it is....my sympathies to those offended....

I dropped more than a couple grand for my step son's wedding a couple of years ago, and despite some high end guests and a famous band & DJ at the gig, killer decorator and caterer that set me and my Lady back a year...I didn't see any TV cameras at the reception, and I didn't qualify for any Government assistance.

I have a friend who's STILL paying back a loan he took out for his daughter's wedding a couple of years ago..and he's a Federal employee who doesn't even get a free car like the L.A. City Government folks...pobre vato! Where's the justice ?

...is it me, or do just rich white folks get adored in public?...hmmm....oh well, at least Lindsey Lohan FINALLY got some jail time for breaking all kinds of laws and violating probation in L.A...era tiempo por la cabrona!

OK! Enough said about that!... I've stated what a lot of people are either too intimidated or politically correct to say...so have a giggle & snicker on me!

I KNOW I made a couple of you smile, nod, and scratch your heads, so I'm OK with that....so onwards!


We at LatinoLA and in the Land of 1000 dances are going to extend a courtesy to EVERYBODY that nobody, especially the British, ever extended to us...we're going to invite the entire World to some absolutely KILLER Chicano Soul Music shows!

(I might even send a copy of this story and invitation to the British Embassy in Los Angeles ..just to see who shows up!)

April 30th, at Covina;s renown TASTE OF TEXAS Restaurant, the incomparable RUBEN MOLINA, author & music promoter extraordinaire, presents 2 nights of live, smokin' Texas Chicano Rhythm & Blues featuring the hard hiting LARRY LANGE & his LONELY KNIGHTS, along with the exciting CHICANO SOUL REVUE, a collection of some of the hottest music acts for us "big kids" in Aztlan today, including Mr. JOHNNY HERNANDEZ, GREG ESPARZA, JoANNA RAMIREZ, RICO Del BARRIO, special guest appearances by Ms VALENTINA ESTRADA, the ROYAL CHESSMEN, Doo-Wop sweethearts JONNY & DALIA, with special knock out performances by Mr. Chingon suave de Aztlan himself, PACHUCO JOSE y LOS DIAMONTES, with additional killer performances by the ever popular WINO BOOGIE.

May 1st, Ruben does it again, bringing the show to the VFW Post in the City of Industry, for those who just can't get enough of that killer Chicano Soul, and for those will most likely be turned away when the Covina show gets sold out, like it usually does!

Tickets to both shows are available at: www.chicanosoul.com, and let Brother Ruben know you heard it from LatinoLA.com !

BUT WAIT A MINUTE, old chaps!!...don't go putting those dancing chanclas away just yet!somebody please explain that concept to our British homies, LOL! )

If you can't make it down to the East Side on that weekend, then let's take it a bit to the north west to the fabled city of San Fernando in the Land of 1000 Dances the following week, celebrating that most favorite of Chicano celebration weekends CINCO de MAYO (where we celebrate the little Brown guys whupping the big European guys over 100 years ago)...kinda has a bit of irony, no?

The San Fernando Valley Marine Corps League Detachment 1277, one of the proudest and loudest U.S. Military Veteran's Organization on the West Coast & U.S., proudly bring all of our Worlds together on Saturday May 7th, 2011, with a sizzling Pachuco-Zoot Suit Boogie Night in San Fernando, inviting EVERYBODY to suit up, step up, and step out to a night of memorable music and dancing with the most popular & powerful-est 1940's-1950's Chicano Boogie tribute groups in the Country today, PACHUCO JOSE y LOS DIAMONTES, along with killer opening act, rock-a-billy Kings de Aztlan WINO BOOGIE.

Happening at the historic San Fernando American Legion Hall in San Fernando, tickets are available now at USMCsgt7@aol.com, or by calling 818-599-2719 or 818-361-4621. 1940's & 1950's attire highly suggested & recommended!

Hey! If the British can put on a lavish ball with hats, feathers, formal suits & gowns for the world to see...Chicanos can take that a step further with our own brand of Chicano Royalty!

See you all there!!!

About Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor:
Frankie Firme is the Al Capone of the microphone of the microphone & the Hitman of West Coast Chicano soul heard daily on www.eastLArevue.com
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