Personas: Representing U.S. Latinos on the Internet

Sensis research results offer new planning tool to guide U.S. Latino marketing

Published on LatinoLA: May 5, 2011

Personas: Representing U.S. Latinos on the Internet

Precision advertising agency Sensis completed a research project resulting in the development of personas depicting archetypical Hispanic Internet users.

The Hispanic Persona Project provides insight for marketers eager to tap the ever-expanding Hispanic population and its use of the Web and social media to connect with family, friends and an extended social circle. The personas are valuable tools for marketers who understand the amplifying effect social networks have on interactions among Hispanic Internet users. For each Hispanic consumer they reach, brands have the potential to reach hundreds of others through his or her social network and extended social circle.

"Four distinct personas emerged from our research," said Sensis President Jos?ģ Villa. "Each one has its own profile that goes beyond demographics. We built an ethnographic sketch for each with its own behavioral patterns, skills, wants, needs and attitudes. We gave each biographical details that represent someone you or I know who fit these profiles."

The resulting personas are:

‘«ů Tech-fluential: Ivan ‘«Ű "I'm always online, always connected."
‘«ů Social techie: Sandra ‘«Ű "I like to know what my friends are up to all the time."
‘«ů Utilitarian explorer: Armando ‘«Ű "It's important to have a balance and not spend too much time online."
‘«ů Nostalgic newbie: Carlos ‘«Ű "I discover something new online every day."

The full report, including detailed descriptions of the personas and the research methodology, is available for free at HispanicPersonaProject.com.

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