Somebody PLEASE! ~ Part III

Another plea for some REALISTIC sanity and common sense among us!

By Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: May 24, 2011

Somebody PLEASE! ~ Part III

OK‘«™don't know about a lot of you, but I was once again inspired by another great piece by Dr. Rudy Acuna here on LatinoLA called "Better than What?"

‘«™then consequently bothered b today's news that higher education costs in California will be going up another 30%... angered by today's news that another 20,000 teachers will be getting laid off in California, while our Governor was found to have been slippin' it to the maid, and we all helped support their "love child" for over 10 years‘«™

...and then totally pissed off about the news that members of U.S. Congress snuck in another benefit for themselves into law in the middle of the night (just like the one that assures them full pay & health benefits for life) that allows their children and family members TOTAL forgiveness of Government sponsored student loans!!( i.e. DON'T have to pay it back!)

*@%&$*!!!! ( ..just practicing good manners in journalism‘«™)

When will this rip off by the Government paid & supported wealthy and well to do stop???

( THAT means US taxpayers are footin' the bills for the privileged few, and getting screwed without a kiss...AGAIN!!)

‘«™years later, now I know why Congressman Bob Dole yelled at Hilary Clinton when she suggested that EVERY American should have health care benefits similar to members of Congress: "That's a CHEAP SHOT!!"‘«™ HE didn't want to share the wealth or let the news get out about the rip-off benefiting a few, and now I'm glad he wasn't elected President. ( doesn't mean the homie Dole is living in poverty, either!)

WE are SERIOUSLY and dangerously "dumbing down" our nation and future generations , insuring that we will have a LARGE number of undereducated, basically stupid, sick, and unskilled American adults in just the next 10 years that will need to eat, pay rent and bills, and support children‘«™.

My, my, my !‘«™what an educated group from a country like China, India, Russia, Pakistan, Iran, or Cuba could do with a country like us when that time gets here!
(except for Cuba‘«™the rest ALL have nuclear weapons!)

...factory workers and slaves...MILLIONS of them!...what a concept !

Orale, orale, orale!...What a wonderful and unending supply of employees drug dealers and criminal enterprises are getting!...ya gotta do what ya gotta do, right?

(are there people in Cuba & Mexico & the 'hoods smiling about THIS one!)

‘«™is it me, or are our freeway off ramps getting more crowded with younger beggars?

Why in the World would you make public the news that we are ALL going to be around 25% less police in our neighborhoods in the coming months, just so bureaucrats can keep their high pay, perks, benefits, and staff luxuries ? Don't gang members, dope dealers and terrorists watch TV news ?....hmmmm‘«™.dumb, REAL dumb!...crime spree, anyone ?

On another side of the coin, the out of touch, snooty, and socially inept intellectuals that run our higher education system have succeeded over the years in undeservedly increasing their personal stock without most people noticing, so they are partly to blame for the increase in education costs, as well as the politicians & bureaucrats, all who have greedily shared the tax & fee collected wealth among themselves, and personally spent it without regards to the educational needs & interests of those they were put in place to look after and preserve.

Like the former Kaiser steelworkers & industry of the 1960's, they've basically priced themselves out of the market, where alternative sources, albeit more expensive in the long run, had to be sought‘«™resulting in a tumble in the U.S. steel market, and loss of thousands of jobs.

Anybody emember places like Allentown, Pennsylvania, in the 1960's?

For example, I know a man who before he retired, was able to rake in $1,700.00 a class, teaching mathematics at a local university. Doing four classes a week, plus a company car and fully paid health benefits‘«™he didn't do too bad for 10 years, and now lives off a nice pension and social security.

...wish I had a job like that...

College and University Executives take in almost a quarter million salary annually, if not more‘«™and their benefits, administrative & staff costs aren't bottom of the food chain expenses either! about well-fed wolves in sheep's chanclas!!

With the drop in classes, loss of students, increase in tuition & other expenses that is making American higher education of lesser quality and out of reach for most Americans save the children of the wealthy, Lotto winners, successful criminals (and rich foreign nationals) ‘«™I think we've been ripped off for what they're getting paid for. They aren't doing a good job, and SOMEBODY needs to hold them accountable while cutting back on their salaries and perks. Where are all the increases in $$ going when there's all these cuts in educational services?

I think they should be knocked off their pedestals, get back touch with the real world, and learn to live among us mortals once again! They are MORE than welcome to go somewhere else if they find that idea unpalatable!...they will probably starve in the real world if that happens, but oh well‘«™

And oh yeah, let us not forgot the "Executive Clause" most intellectual criminals put into contracts, right?‘«™akin to "golden handshakes" of the corporate world.

Remember the LAUSD Administrative fiasco of a couple years ago, pre-Cortines?

Where the Chief Administrator may have had some impressive letters behind his name, along with a retired U.S. Naval career under his belt‘«™but the guy didn't know a classroom from a bar room, and he drove the biggest school district in the Country into the dirt even while Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was singing his praises.

Even though they got rid of him, the guy STILL got two year's salary & benefits (a little over a half million dollars) just to walk away and not sue‘«™I would have rather he got his lawyer and we go for it, had I been in charge.

And the LAUSD is now embarrasssingly MORE than broke ever in it's history, and has resorted to laying off teachers and essential workers (WORKERS being the key word here), while administrators and bureaucrats continue to get raises and live off the fat of the land. WHERE is the money going??? HELP!!!

I can't imagine anybody besides me NOT seeing that the increased prison population, the increased drug abuser population, and the increased number of unemployed people seeking public assistance (welfare, food stamps, social security or disability before they're 65, etc) in the last 15 years, are UNDER educated people who don't know what other direction to turn!

They can't even afford junior college now, and the U.S. Military has become so sophisticated and professional, that the average high school drop out or "wandering young soul" no longer has a positive alternative in young life to turn to anymore‘«™

On the other hand, salaries, benefits, and other perks for Government officials and other assorted bureaucrats have more than quadrupled in the last 20 years, far surpassing the cost of living and inflation‘«™.tax supported public management jobs‘«™THAT'S where the money is, baby!

Hell, when our former L.A. County Sheriff Sherman Block died a few years back, OUR Board of Supervisors voted to spend OUR money and give his widow a quarter million dollar a year retirement pension checks even after she scored & cashed in on his half million dollar life insurance policy‘«™do you think the average County worker's family will ever be so lucky? ‘«™I don't think so!

Why is it that there's an executive level of State, County, and City management that WILL NOT stand or tolerate to be questioned or held accountable, yet, in public, they hide behind the "public employee" title when John & Jane Q. Public want compensation, retirement, and other perks for public employees questioned and reigned in to a controllable level‘«™never mind that the REAL hard working (WORKING being the key word, here) public employees are NO WAY near the executive salary-retirement~perk plans the management & top officials get.

And like gangsters, dope dealers, and underground terrorists, they want to keep THEIR business with OUR money secret and smoke screened, so long as THEY get what they want!...and I know I'm NOT the only one that sees that!

Man! marauding sharks, lawyers and foreign interests have found the ideal feeding spot...the public treasuries of our Country.

And, new news out of Sacramento ~ bureaucrats and their greedy "analysts" are now looking into MORE new ways to tax EVERYTHING from food, to drinks, to income, to property, to entertainment, to possibly the color chonies you wear‘«™..*%#@$ !!!....aren't we one of the most heavily taxed states in the Country now already? WHAT are we getting for the money we're already being soaked for now???

Lastly‘«™if the small minded, ignorant, racist, and we-got-paid-behind-the-scenes possibly by a foreign interest group of stupid, tax supported bureaucrats in Arizona and Georgia continue to be allowed to spread their rascist-inspired mental fungus, along with their warped & perverted idealism of "America"‘«™we are ALL in trouble!

...their just ain't enough white people to defend this Country should the unspeakable come to pass...

..WHO gave these idiots the freedom to do this to us and for themselves???

..we did‘«™..

SOMEBODY PLEASE!!!....looks like a voter's revolt & revolution may be coming before we all starve....but don't worry, we'll have plenty of laid off teachers, cops & firefighters marching and voting with us this time, so there won't be so much tear gas, water cannons, and billy clubs this time!

?Ū?ŪSI SE PUEDE!!...before it's too late.

About Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor:
Frankie Firme usually writes about music & entertainment for the older, good looking, Chicano crowd in the Land of 1000 Dances...but current events inspired THIS piece!
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