Web series "2012" premiering in July

Guatemalan award winning filmmaker Julio Ponce Palmieri teams up with Freitas Films to bring this exciting webseries via Youtube

Published on LatinoLA: May 30, 2011

Web series "2012" premiering in July

Multiple award winning Guatemalan filmmaker Julio Ponce Palmieri brings his latest creation to the screen: "2012", a supernatural thriller webseries based on the prophecies of the Mayan calendar.

Produced alongside Freitas Films and his CEO Alex Freitas, who specializes in SFX and has two feature films and one short film under his belt, "2012" promises to be charged with wonderful visuals and an exciting storyline.

Focused on the events of the last day of the Mayan Calendar, December 21st, 2012, the episodes will tell the story of a handful of survivors who lived after a successful extraterrestrial invasion. Desperation and panic ensues worldwide as humanity has now become infected and is nothing more than a food source for the invaders. But is it those human survivors, who against all odds dig deep into their courage and attempt to overcome, guided mainly by the supernatural dreams of a virtually unknown Mayan god.

Filmed mainly on location throughout Toronto, "2012" also has some very exclusive scenes filmed in Guatemala in the exotic locations of Lake Atitlan and Antigua Guatemala, which will add the much needed authenticity to the topic at hand.

Programmed free for a worldwide audience via Youtube, the episodes for the webseries will be released weekly and will have an approximate duration of ten minutes each.

The teaser/trailer for the webseries has been released via the Youtube link below. The episodes will begin airing during the month of July 2011.


For more information on the filmmakers, check out their IMDBs.

Julio Ponce Palmieri

Alex Freitas

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