Bringing Love, Healing and Service to My Community

A few services that I want to offer from my heart: Doula, private Yoga lessons, Sacred Space Sessions and Reiki

By angelica tonatzin
Published on LatinoLA: June 27, 2011

Bringing Love, Healing and Service to My Community

Summer is here and with that Solar energy charging our day to day, comes new ways to create. This Summer season I will go full force with bringing love, healing, and service to my community. I give thanks for the abundance that is around me and the abundance that I can share with each of you.

Here are a few services that I want to offer from my heart (and would love for you to help me spread the word).

1) Doula - I am now a professionally trained Doula and want to connect with Mothers who are looking for extra loving support. I also can create "Blessings Ways" - sacred baby showers for Mama and Sisters ((Services are Lovingly Negotiable))

2) Private Yoga Lessons - I specialize in Fertility Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Yoga for Women and Yoga for You (man or woman with any special needs: back injuries, restorative, yoga for beginners) ((Suggested Love Donation $30-60 a session))

3) Sacred Space Sessions: Reading, Reiki, Ritual - This is a special session between you and me. A space where you can gain insight into what energy you were dealing with in the past, an energy you're working with presently, an energy you will be connected with in the future. With that clarity, we honor the Peace with Reiki (energy healing). A Ritual (Omwork) is given to honor your process, your path and to help manifest your vision for the future. (((Suggested Love Donation $30-60)))

4) Reiki - 1 Hour Energy Healing: Reiki is a powerful experience for both of us. I was attuned to the Reiki Healing in San Marcos, Guautemala where I studied and practiced Reiki one on one with a Reiki Master. Its was a powerful experience. I use my body and hands as a channel for the Reiki energy and transfer that love to you
((Suggested Love Donation $30-60))

I thank each of you for constant Support. Your Love allows me to continue doing what I am called her to do on this Earth. Full Circle. And continue to let me know how I can support you too. Please feel free to share this with your family and friends. Any questions or interest, contact me :)

Blessings to you and all our Relations.

in Love always,

angelica tonatzin

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