A Summer Wonderland: Vamonos a ChimMaya!

So much to see, so little time...

By Guadalupe Gonzalez
Published on LatinoLA: June 29, 2011

A Summer Wonderland: Vamonos a ChimMaya!

Hesitatingly, I begin to write...because I am such a FAN of ChimMaya, their merchandise and their team. It is a paradise of well-priced items. Let me get to the point: Gente! It is our dream come true. No phony sugarplums here. And no sky high prices.

Gifts, a little pick-me-up for just me or someone special, just the right "Perdoname, querida" trinket, or something La Suegrecita will love and rave about to all her friends. ChimMaya is the answer.

I adore handbags and jewelry. Both are tremendously well-stocked, in varieties of colors, price ranges and styles that you will not find in one place anywhere else.

As a Latina attorney and writer, I must look my best and the ChimMaya team knows their stock, what complements the wearer and the other accessories, and they truly put me together. If you need it, they have it. Accessories for you, for your home, and to hand to amigas "just because".

You need not even go to yet another store, hassle with parking and selection. The presentation wrapping is lovingly taken care of, and there are evocative and fitting cards for every occasion. (Sometimes I even buy cards from a favorite artist and frame them, just for a little special spot in my own casita.)

And CHRISTMAS!! Each room is spectacularly decorated with it's own tree, theme and music. It is a must see--take my word for it. The owners begin their planning for each room during the hot, summer months--and the final designs are gorgeous.

We are a close, secretive bunch, we ChimMayanas stick together. But the secret is out! It is up to YOU now. Enjoy the museum quality art on the walls, listen to the soothing music that envelopes you in your own little bubble of joy, as you look at stunning pieces of jewelry, mix and match a whole new look for yourself, anticipate the looks of delight your family, friends and colleagues will cast in your direction as you walk into the room.

ChimMaya is actually a desireable spot to shop, it was only a matter of time before it expanded and extended to its full potential. The time for ChimMaya is now, the time for La Gente to be who they are is now, let us all gather and celebrate the individuality and awareness of sharing -- now.

More on ChimMaya here!

About Guadalupe Gonzalez:
Los Angeles Attorney, Writer and Shopper Extraordinaire

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