Enough Already!!

Immigrants need to start showing some respect if they expect some!

By Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: July 2, 2011

Enough Already!!

?íOrale! ?íEnough already !

All you people that weren't born here, never paid a dime into our tax system but think they have something coming for nothing, wear pendejo scarves around their faces to protest my country and yours in public in L.A., and think they deserve to stick the flag of Mexico, El Salvador, Cuba, or any other country in my face while demanding freebies I can't even get for me & my children need to quit crying that you're getting picked on and singled out just because you're Brown...'cause that kind of behavior BOTHERS me and a lot of other Brown people, and it's time somebody said so!

YOU'RE ASKING for it, so don't cry that you're getting it.

I mean, let's get REAL here, OK?

I KNOW I can't go cruising down to Mexico, Cuba, or Central or South America and start waving my beloved stars & stripes in people's faces, playing some loud Tower of Power or El Chicano tunes, and start making demands for rights, instant respect, and stuff I didn't earn from strangers...

...I might get get shot or kidnapped or simply just disappear like the babes in Juarez, know what I mean?

I missed the meeting, and didn't get the memo and text message...WHO said you could do that here?

The Spanish language media, who make billions and have an investment in keeping Latinos from learning English to protect their market, need to step up and start letting their audience know that they're making THEMSELVES unwelcome with their rude & inconsiderate behavior...and a few lessons & reminders about American culture & manners & respect while THEY'RE COMING TO LIVE in America is way overdue!

I mean, let me say this: I DON'T WANT TO LIVE IN MEXICO, so please stop trying to Mexicanize my neighborhoods, and Country, OK ? It's NOT OK! I don't like it.

You bitch and cry about human rights you demand here that you can't demand at home...and you think ours is beneath yours just because you came from another country uninvited?...I don't think so!

I'm proud of my Mexican roots, my grandfather fought in the Mexican Revolution and I got the family photos to prove it, but damn! You're starting to embarrass me already!

I don't have a grito or any "Viva Mexico" pride in my soul...sorry, but I'm an American Chicano living in America. It may not be the best, but I'm not ready to sneak south across the border to make things better yet, either.

Can you match that statement?

Like many of my proud and successful African American friends tell me, "I wasn't around when slavery was happening, so I can't collect anything from that, and I can't make a lot of demands and cry about what white folks owe me for something that happened over 100 years ago, so I'm making it MY WAY and moving with today!"... ...many immigrants from down south can stop saying, "This was OUR land first!" because they NEVER lived here 100 years ago, so THAT argument doesn't work !

The only people that deserve that argument are the true Native Americans...and they speak ENGLISH!

I'm not a big soccer fan, but when the World Cup was played at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena last week, I was like..." OK...go USA!"

Didn't happen, Mexico won, OK...congrats...I didn't bad mouth anybody or cause a riot...

But we didn't need all these people getting crazy & arrested, waving Mexican flags all over the street like they had just taken over the Country (YOU DIDN'T! You just won a soccer game, and why aren't you celebrating in Mexico?).

...would they have been so patient and understanding if the USA had won and WE went around thru Torrance, Lynwood, and Bell gardens waving American flags, honking horns, and generally disturbing the peace?

I don't think so.

...and why were all the post game announcements and presentations made only in Spanish? Didn't they know there was millions of people watching who DON'T speak Spanish? What kind of respect was that? How would it have gone if the USA had won?

I went to a Fiesta in San Fernando a couple of weeks ago at the invitation of my Lady & friends. I last attended about seven years ago, and I had a good time. Different kinds of live music, different kinds of food, games, rides, different kinds of piped music blaring thru loud speakers, most of the community fell out and rubbed shoulders...had fun too!

This year I was thoroughly disappointed, along with other Chicanos, Caucasians, Blacks, and Asians from the community who came out and found St. Ferdinand's Church in San Fernando turned into little Mexico for the day.

I mean, nonstop mariachi and banda music, Mexican flags, and constant announcements in Spanish only ad nauseum, cute but totally untalented little kids singing mariachi songs while their mothers greedily hocked their CD's, mostly Mexican food (not bad), and bands playing MORE banda and mariachi that only entertained a small crowd of people who kept yelling "Viva Jalisco!" or "Viva Zacatecas!" or 'Viva Mexico!", while the local priest in charge acted like a papa baboon and encouraged them, and even made a fool out of himself trying to sing and hock stuff while being accompanied by some babbling idiot who just couldn't shut up as they talked over everybody and all the music non-stop in Spanish, much to the annoyance of the dwindling crowd .

The one English language band, the popular HIGH N-R-G Band, finally got people enthused, relaxed, and dancing with some nice American rock & roll and Oldies when the idiot priest and his baboon announcer cut them off after only 4 songs so they could babble on and on in spanish again, and made room for another boring mariachi/ranchera band that nobody really wanted to I joined the 100 or so people who left in the middle of the afternoon, never to return.

I was in a small local watering hole the other day, when a couple of Mexican brothers put on some Mexican music on the jukebox, and began throwing gritos and yelling "Viva Mexico! Viva Guanajuato!", expecting everybody to join in. Nobody bothered them or gave them a hard each his own.

This is America, remember?

In response a few songs later, I put on some American oldies and started yelling
"Viva America ! Viva East L.A.! Viva San Fernando!" ... and a few patrons in the bar started clapping and laughing, and those poor Mexican brothers acted upset and left....what the hell did they expect? Why didn't they stay? I listened to THEIR music.

Awhile back, some Latino immigrant in L.A. from Central America who was here illegally gets all liquored up, starts threatening a woman and police with a knife in public, is given more than one chance to act right, and when he doesn't, he gets what any red-blooded American would have got if they threatened a defenseless woman and police with a knife..they shot his ass dead!

And all these immigrants go into protest mode, crying police brutality. If it had been a white or black guy, would they have even cared? Hell no! How do they think the rest of the country they're trying to squeeze into saw them in that light?...set immigration reform back 20 years!

Threaten my woman & family with a knife and I'll shoot you 3 times in the chest my damn self, no matter what color you are!

I know this piece will bother some, but I also know a lot of other Brown people are nodding their heads and saying, "About time somebody said something!"

Today's Latino immigrants who want to be part of America, enjoy American rights and privileges, make American money, enjoy American style freedoms on American soil, and cop a piece of the American dream need to start appreciating and respecting the rights of the Americans that established and provide all this while allowing them to keep coming to America because THEIR country sucks, and they can't make it there...that's NO why they want to wave the flag of a country that don't give a shit about them in a country that offers them more opportunity than their's really smacks of disrespect and ingratitude.

(I'm sure many of you can think of better words...)

Almost 100 years AFTER the Mexican Revolution, Mexicans are STILL escaping to America.

50 year AFTER the Cuban Revolution, Cubanos are still risking their lives to swim or float to America to collect that automatic social security check as long as they call Fidel a puto.

I have to pick up my dog's crap on city streets when we go could some of you guys in the cowboy & baseball hats please pick up your horse's crap when you ride down my street?

What's with the flag of another country when you're enjoying life in this one?

I don't get it. No comprendo.

I'm not trying to incite a race war, or further the divide between my Latino brothers & sisters from another land...they don't need the help, believe me!

Is it any wonder many Mexican Americans are now calling themselves Latino and Hispanic?... still prefer Chicano myself.

Mexican culture, food, and art is beautiful....Mexican disrespect and ingratitude sucks!

You're NEVER going to beat us with your intrusiveness and attempts to impose your home culture upon you should make attempts to join us...

..if not...go back to where your flag comes from....and the best of luck and life to you!


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About Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor:
Frankie Firme is a proud Chicano~American born in the USA and asks all his brown brothers & sisters who aren't to start taking a little responsibility and show some class!
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