E-Verify: Big Bucks for Rep. Lamar Smith's Sponsors

Corporate divestiture, not immigration, is to blame for the huge job crisis we currently face

By L.A. Ortega
Published on LatinoLA: July 8, 2011

E-Verify: Big Bucks for Rep. Lamar Smith's Sponsors

"Despite record unemployment, seven million people work in the U.S. illegally," said Congressman Lamar Smith, Chair of the Congressional Judiciary Committee in a statement accompanying the E-Verify Bill when it was filed last month.

According to Computerworld, [a] coalition of civil rights and privacy groups said the [E-Verify] bill would, "for the first time in history, require every American to be checked against an error-prone government database. The risks to individual privacy are too great and the likely benefits are too small to justify inserting the federal government into every hiring decision made."

This distraction of immigration being the "problem" with jobs must stop, otherwise real economic recovery cannot begin. Real economic recovery starts with big businesses reinvesting in the U.S.A. Namely education - our future economy - is extremely relevant and requires equal investment to that which is given to the "profit-now/emerging market" centers. The challenge with jobs (the economy) is policy and information, and the lack thereof.

The ignorant say "illegals are taking our jobs." The ignorant have been programmed and are oblivious to the fact they are fighting for bottom of the barrel jobs. Their attention should be upward, on how they might better themselves and assist with the creation of policy that embraces the natural resources that come to us from all over this world, rich in diverse language and culture, making us stronger competitors in the global economy.

A small percentage of misinformed individuals have bought the absurdity of "fight to the bottom," and are negatively influencing our communities. The notion that we should expend our energy and resources focusing on how to fight for dead-end, no-benefit, low-wage jobs, is nothing more than a distraction. It serves to pull our attention away from the huge divestiture big U.S. corporations are making, leaving huge - gaping - economic holes in almost every city of this country. It is easy to blame the undocumented person for the unemployment problem, but it is the most incorrect and unsubstantiated statement that can be made.

Just look at the jobless Engineer who might say he could have had that job at McDonalds if it were not for the "illegal" who snuck in for pennies less. This without a doubt is beyond ridiculous.

At one time this country was #1 in college graduates and job pay. At one time moms(dads) could stay home and raise the kids. At one time the prison budget was a fraction of the education budget. At one time US Corporations were investing in America, while we gave them skimpy tax breaks, compared to today's outrageous formula of "the more you divest from the U.S. the more tax breaks we will give you Mr. Corporation."

Adding insult to injury, Congressman Lamar Smith wants us to believe he understands the problem of immigration by proposing a multi-billion dollar under-taking in building a National Identification system under the guise of controlling immigration. The E-Verify System could easily have been ripped from the pages of George Orwell's 1984 - "Big Brother is watching," novel.

For the most part, the E-Verify system is duplicative. Congressman Lamar Smith's software and information technology companies (sponsors) stand to make billions of dollars off the E-Verify System, at a time when we can least afford it. According to Computerworld, Adi Kamdar of the Electronic Frontier Foundation said the proposed [E-Verify] bill would create a "bureaucratic nightmare for American businesses" while offering little to combat illegal immigration. At the same time, the plan would become "an enticement to malicious hackers and an enormous risk of unintended disclosure."

Are our resources best spent keeping the jobless Engineer in the minimum-wage McDonalds job, or can we do better? We can and must do better. It starts with getting the facts.

Be clear: corporate divestiture, not immigration, is to blame for the huge job crisis we currently face. Be clear: having undocumented families in this country, represents an incalculable positive economic benefit, of whom without, the economic crisis we currently face would be much, much worse. Thank God for this country, and thank God for millions of undocumented families who make our economic system work.

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