Arlene Tur: Torchwood's Miracle Doctor

It's great to see a strong-willed, intelligent woman-doctor who is also unabashedly Latina on a sci-fi series on Starz

By Se Fija! Online
Published on LatinoLA: July 19, 2011

Arlene Tur: Torchwood's Miracle Doctor

You find Latina talent in the oddest places: even in the middle of an offbeat sci-fi adventure that's part of the "Doctor Who" universe, playing on a second-tier pay-cable channel that's trying to make a name for itself. But that doesn't make the performance any less interesting, or the actress herself any less fascinating in her own right.

Consider the case of Arlene Tur, daughter of Cuban-born parents, raised in Miami, and an actress and a model since her post-college days as a professional volleyball player. Arlene was born and raised in Miami, and she is fully bilingual‘«Űquadra-lingual, if you include her fluency in Italian and Portuguese, and though she was born and raised in Miami, her first big break came in a Spanish-language sitcom for Telemundo, "Los Teens."

She achieved an odd kind of prominence through her appearance in an early episode of "Grey's Anatomy,' where she played a women with uncontrollable spontaneous orgasms, and shortly after landed a role in "Crash," the short-lived but critically acclaimed series based on the award-winning movie, that ran for one season on the fledgling cable network Starz.

The show may not have lasted, but Starz' interest in Arlene did; she's back again as the forceful ER doctor Vera Juarez in the American extension of the British cult-fave "Torchwood" (which, in turn, is both a spin-off and an anagram for another cult-fave, the BBC's venerable and surprising Doctor Who). And this isn't a one-shot. Dr. Juarez appears every week as one of the street-level investigators of "Miracle Day"‘«Űthe first day of many when nobody‘«Űnobody‘«Űdies.

It's great to see a strong-willed, intelligent woman-doctor who is also unabashedly Latina, barging in on medical experts to set them straight and rewriting the rules of triage‘«™read more on Se Fija! Online

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