Where in the World is Guillermo del Toro?

He's a producer, a director, a writer, a novelist, and more‘«™

By Se Fija! Online
Published on LatinoLA: July 20, 2011

Where in the World is Guillermo del Toro?

The answer is‘«™well, basically everywhere‘«™He's a producer, a director, a writer, a novelist, and more‘«™but who'd have thought the day would come when "Hellboy" would meet Hermione Granger?

Fifteen years ago--and for quite a while after that--it looked like Guillermo del Toro was content with making increasingly interesting and unusual horror movies: "Cronos" in '95, then "Mimic," "The Devil's Backbone," and "Blade II." He broke through to the big time with "Hellboy," and then broke the rules almost immediately by making the hypnotically beautiful "Pan's Labyrinth" in Spanish.

But that, it turned out, was just the beginning. You might be surprised to see that del Toro has become a powerful producer as well; on movies you wouldn't think were del Toro material, from the animated "Puss in Boots" (with a number of Latino voices, including, of course, Antonio Banderas) and "Megamind" to the award-winning "Biutiful." And he's got remakes of "Pinocchio" and another animated project with the voices of Jude Law and Hugh Jackman, among others, also in the works.

He's also the reigning king of the almost-but-not-quite projects. Del Toro was the personal choice of Jackson to direct "The Hobbit," the much-anticipate prequel to Jackson's own "Lord of the Rings" trilogy. And the new Universal/Comcast mega conglomerate performed the first phase of is radical surgery when it cancel his $150 vision of the H.P. Lovecraft classic, "In the Mountains of Madness." Not that any of that's slowed him down: he's in the midst of writing and directing the equally ambitious alien-robot-invasion project, "Pacific Rim," scheduled for release in 2013. Production is scheduled to begin this year under a veil of super-secrecy.

And then, of course, he's a novelist. In his copious spare time, he's‘«™read more on Se Fija! Online

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