"The Perfect Game" Comes Out‘«Űand Goes Under. But Why

The family film with lots of familiar faces should have gotten some decent ink and a healthy meteoric theatrical run

By Se Fija! Online
Published on LatinoLA: August 3, 2011

"The Perfect Game" Comes Out‘«Űand Goes Under. But Why

What happened to "The Perfect Game"? It's a warm, sweet (and yes, fairly predictable) sports film for the whole family, like "The Rookie" or "Angels in the Outfield" or "Hoosiers." It should have gotten some decent ink and a healthy if not meteoric theatrical run. It should be at last as well remembered as those other films. Instead, it just‘«™disappeared.

See the trailer for "The Perfect Game" here .

Clifton Collins, Jr. has never been better (and who knew he could throw a baseball like that?). Cheech Mar?°n Cheech Mar?°n is at his twinkly-eyed best as the local booster-priest, and the story is the kind that gets made into inspirational little sports-flicks every couple of years, and should be. We love movies like this. And best of all, this time the tale of the underdog making good, the unknown team coming from behind, the ragtag band of misfits winning the day‘«™is both true and Latino. These kids not only do battle on the baseball diamond, they have to confront good old-fashioned racism and become heroes in their own heads‘«™and they have to do it in 1957 Texas, no less.

Perfect Game had a lot of familiar faces. Along with Collins and Marin, there's Lou Gossett Jr., Bruce McGill, and Lost's Emilie de Ravin, joined by familiar child actors like Moses Arias from Hannah Montana, Ryan Ochoa from Pair of Kings, Carlos G??mez from The Glades and Jake T. Austin from The Wizards of Waverly Place, as the ambidextrous young pitcher who was destined to throw the only perfect game of the Little League World Series‘«Űever.

And it had a smart and accomplished director, too. Hell, William Dear had even done baseball movies before: he'd directed "Angels in the Outfield," as well as "Harry and the Hendersons" and more. (And in fact he's got another baseball movie, "A Mile in his Shoes," about an autistic pitcher played by young Latino actor Jaren Brandt Bartlett, coming out later this year.)

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