Kiele Sanchez: Keeping At It

She's been pounding away at the Hollywood machine since she got here‘«™

By Se Fija! Online
Published on LatinoLA: August 26, 2011

Kiele Sanchez: Keeping At It

Let's hear it for Kiele Sanchez. A Chicago native of Puerto Rican and French descent, she's been pounding away at the Hollywood machine since she got here ten years ago‘«Űbefore that, in fact, when she competed in MTV's the "Wanna Be a VJ?" in New York, back in 2000.

She made it to the top five finalists, but she didn't win‘«Űand, of course, that didn't stop her. Not much seems to stop Ms. Sanchez, in fact. The exposure on MTV got her and agent and a ticket to L.A., and it wasn't long before she started landing roles in individual episodes and (sadly, at first, short-lived) series.

There was a time-travel drama called "That Was Then" on ABC and a sitcom called "Married to the Kellys" with Breckin Meyer, now of "Franklin and Bash," and few remember either one. But she kept going. Then the big break: a role in Season 3 of "Lost," the cult show of cult shows‘«™only to be written out six weeks later.

Does Kiele back off? Not at all. Get knocked down, get up again. Kiele played the sweet and slightly clueless "other girl" in Christina Applegate's ABC series "Samantha Who?" until it faded after a couple of seasons. She did the obligatory horror films ("Insanitarim") and played a frightening convincing bad girl opposite an equally scary Timothy Olyphant in "A Perfect Getaway," then the sequel to the Alaskan vampire story, "30 Days of Night." There were TV movies, and failed pilots, and another series or two, and with each job, the Kiele we've come to recognize emerged: a tough, smart, plainspoken woman whose characters seem flawlessly authentic, as if no one ever actually wrote a line for her; she just made 'em up as she went along.

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