Prende Mi Fuego

Listening to The Doors, cruising in a 60's Chevy

By Amigos de LatinoLA
Published on LatinoLA: May 14, 2003

Prende Mi Fuego

The K-Mart in Harbor City was the place where my mom would buy our bedsheets, t-shirts, sox, laundry baskets...those kind of low-cost items. With a pocketful of birthday money, I was let loose, but for some reason the toy aisle just didn't do it for me. I was 14. A rack by the checkout aisle held a stack of albums. Facing me was the shadowed profile of Jim Morrison. The Doors. Sold. I wore out the record, liked to listen to "The End" late at night. Really scared my parents.

Now, Peace Frog - a recreation of a live Doors concert experience - plays around town. And for the chance to win a pair of tickets to Peace Frog's Friday, May 17 show at the Quiet Cannon in Montebello, some of LatinoLA's readers let us know how The Doors impacted their musical lives. Until The End.

- Abelardo, el editor

Rich Ram?n writes:
"Many doors have closed on many black, brown, and clown faces - and many of
us broke many of them down. We've stood in front of them and hidden behind some - ultimately knowing that our time will come. As a race, as a human race - we know that 'no-one here gets out alive.' So let's make the best of it while we are on borrowed time. That is why I love the Doors. Their music represented that daily struggle; my struggle, our struggle. One crystal ship, one blue bus - One victory. This is the end."

Anthony Padilla writes:
"The one song I called stations to hear was 'Prende Mi fuego.' I would listen
for hours and count the number of times it played."

Alma Hernandez writes:
"In my stoner days in high school, I discovered The Doors. It wasn't until the cloud of smoke disappeared that I truly appreciated them. Jim Morrison's words and poetry are truly amazing. Their political and social view were very prevalent and they make no apologies. I love their combination of blues and rock. This created a unique sound that has yet to be compared to."

Cathy Olvera writes:
"The Doors have some of the best music around. I grew up with them and I now
have my kids listen along with me."

Patricia Varela writes:
"The Doors were universally Hot! Hot! Hot!! They pulled many young people of all races through a wild, crazy and socially unstable period in contemporary U.S. history. With the war in Vietnam going on, they were leaders in the change for a new society, and they're still Hot!"

Mercedes Castillo writes:
"My little sister Angie loves them even more than I do. She just got accepted to UCLA and I am very proud of her. She loves The Doors even though they are not Latino because they are the best rock band ever!!!"

Miguel Barragan writes:
"The Doors were a great band because Jim Morrison didn't give a fuck. Jim Morrison was a great shaman which in return worked to manipulate/influence society with their music."

Lorraine Morales writes:
"I would love to see the band 'Peace Frog' simply because I heard they were great and it would give me the opportunity to get out and meet some new people."

Eileen Martinez writes:
"I love the Doors because I grew up with a 60's classic rock dad who turned us onto to all the 60's greats: The Doors, Hendrix, Santana, Zeppelin etc... Jim Morrison was the classic poet of the 60's who inspired a lot of people to think of the time they lived in. We have an old tape of them at the Whiskey. I absolutely love to watch it. My favorite all time Doors songs are LA Woman, Riders on the Storm, The End, Roadhouse Blues, When the Music's Over and so much more."

John Lopez writes:
"I first saw the Doors at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium in 1964 and didn't think much of their music, but the following year 'the summer of love', they blew-up and their music was on everywhere, including East LA and even Jose Feliciano was singing 'Light My Fire'. I liked the doors so much, even though they weren't a Chicano group, that I got rid of my 4-track tape player and stepped-up to an 8-track to listen to 'Light My Fire' as I cruised in my '60 Chevy."

Peter Moraga writes:
"The Doors music is truly a reflection of the California experience. Having grown up in Venice, California, I am and always have been an ardent Doors fan. My favorite record is 'The Soft Parade,' not their most popular, but certainly one of their finest."

Kathy Adevoso writes:
"The Doors ARE THE GREATEST BAND THAT EVER ROCKED! Yea, they aren't Latino, but excellent music crosses all cultural boundaries. So Rock On!"

Eduardo Aguila writes:
"The Doors aren't just another classic rock band. They inspired the sound track of my teenage years. I would like to hear that sound track and live it one more time."

Michael Oropeza writes:
"I've been listening to The Doors since I discovered some original LP's in my pop's record stash when I was 10 years old. It changed my life."

Kristen Ragsdale writes:
"I am the best Doors fan under age 30, as voted on by me. The brilliant album 'Strange Days' is in my opinion the best written, lyrically, and musically it's great as well. It's also easy to see the transformation in Morrison's voice."

Eugene Hernandez writes:
"The Doors were cool because they were literate (look at their name), anti-war,
and had great influence on music."

Lucy Ochoa writes:
"The reason I want to see The Doors (Peace Frog) is that now my teenage sons (17 & 15) are listening to them, like I did in my youth years. And hearing them listen to The Doors just makes me wonder how The Doors are now a legacy. Just look at the teenagers -- they're all wearing Doors t-shirts!"

E. Martinez writes:
"The Doors to me are a sanctuary away from all that is bothering me. They are an escape from reality for a while. Their music takes me to a place where everything that doesn't make sense is put back in accord. The Doors' music gives me faith and allows my soul to cry out. Everybody goes through hard times and everybody needs a way out even if it's just for a few minutes. Their music is mesmerizing to me. Songs like 'Riders on the Storm' and 'The Crystal Ship' put me in a state of mind that is so calming that I never make to the end of the track. I usually doze off before they are over. Other songs like 'Love Me Two Times' and 'Light My Fire" remind me of what love is. No wonder why The Doors music appeal to Latino youth. It is a reflection of what the best parts of being Latino are: Crying out against what is wrong with this planet, and most important, passion, are the main ingredients that make what we call Latino."

Joe Medina writes:
"While growing up in the 70's & 80's in Boyle Heights, The Doors had a lot of influence in my neighborhood. During that time, I listened to The Doors many
nights. They are my favorite past time band."

Ricardo Moreno writes:
"I grew up listening to this type of music, and now here in LA, the most diverse city in the USA and probably the world, I feel many times nostalgic about those years and the music."

Evita writes:
"Listening to the Doors is my special way of bonding/relating to my blind, four-year-old boy."

Fernando Paez writes:
"The reason I loved The Doors (and still do to this day) is purely and simply that they were magical. The songs were inspired, bluesy and timeless. Jim Morrison was one of the top rock singers of all time and songs like 'Light My Fire', 'Roadhouse Blues' and 'L.A. Woman' will never be forgotten! Long live The Doors!"

Sonia Bautista writes:
"I am 28 years old and my father ever since I can remember would played them, the Doors (the LP) on and blast the music and he and I would sit on the couch and just nod or heads."

AlterNativo writes:
"Me gustan The Doors--Las Puertas, sounds so funny en espa?ol!---por su sonido el?ctrico- ac?stico y su actitud rebelde."

Marisa K. Perez writes:
"I love the Doors because Jim Morrison was gorgeous and talented. We can all learn something from his free-spirit. Way to go QCs for having a cool band!"

5/16 - 8:00PM - Music
Peace Frog - A Tribute to the Doors - One of the top Doors tribute bands around, featuring Tony Fernandez in the role of Jim Morrison, will be headlining this great show which will also feature the J-Love Band a dance/funk top cover band. Also appearing will be Troy Cash to introduce his newest CD in Thump Records "Rollin on Dubs" The party starts at 8PM! Call 323-724-9284 for further info.
Venue: Quiet Cannon - at Montebello Golf Course
Address: 701 Via San Clemente , Montebello
Ages: 21 & over
Admission: $10 or call 213-306-8002 for free tickets
For more information call: 213-306-8002
Email: rickortiz2000@yahoo.com

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