You Can't Stop Looking at Gina Torres (So Why Try?)

Season one of "Suits" ends; Season two on the way

By Se Fija!
Published on LatinoLA: September 8, 2011

You Can't Stop Looking at Gina Torres (So Why Try?)

Gina Torres has done about a million different things in front of the camera (and behind a microphone, and on stage) over the last thirty years or so‘«™and it doesn't matter whether she's playing the queen, the assassin, the attorney or the outlaw, you can't stop watching her. There's just too much good stuff going on there.

This Cuban-American beauty is a close-to-perfect mix of talented, tough, poised, and dangerous, and she's been proving it in front of the camera and onstage for quite a while now, from the early days in the bizarre and wonderful "Cleopatra 2525" to "Alias" to her still-remembered role on the cult classic "Firefly" (and its movie-sequel, "Serenity"), all the way up to and including her current role as the Queen of Lawyers on USA Network's breakout hit, "Suits." And she can sing, too; just not enough of us have heard her yet.

Gina is one of the few actresses, Latina or any other kind, to have a really good official web site and bio, so we'll steal from it rather liberally here‘«™

Gina was born of native Cubans and raised in the interesting parts of New York, especially the Bronx. Her world was always Latino with a dash of‘«™well, everything else. "I always sang, always danced, because there was always music in the house and in the street," she said. "We heard Johnny Pacheco, Celia Cruz, Tito Puente, and Machito. And when the elders weren't listening, my ears took in everything from ABBA to Led Zeppelin, Glenn Campbell to Nat King Cole and everything in between." And the elegance she carries with her, even to her most rough-and-tumble roles, is at least partially genetic. "My parents were classy beautiful Latin people," she says. "They grew up in the 30's, a time when you looked clean, you were pressed; you looked people in the eye; you were gracious, no matter how much money you did or didn't have. Those were the values I went into the world with."

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