Young Stars on the Rise

Former MDO Daniel Rene and local boy group OCQ hope to find a place on the Latin pop bandwagon

By Lizette Escobedo
Published on LatinoLA: July 10, 2000

Young Stars on the Rise

Let me tell you a little bit about Daniel Rene Weider. In 1997, he was a member of the popular musical group MDO. When he releases his first solo album later this summer, he will be one of the hottest teen sensations around.
As president of his official fan club "Obsession with Daniel Rene." I have had many opportunities to speak to him. Daniel is one of the most kind-hearted singers I have ever met. He is gratified towards his fans, who appreciate and love him very much.
When Daniel was recently in California, members of his fan club went there to welcome him. He seemed very happy to see us! A couple of days after that, he called me, asking me get a couple of other fans together so that could give us a mini-concert. He sang some of the songs that will be included in his album. There is no denying that he has an angelic voice, with a strong enough touch that will bring people to their feet, dancing and singing.
I became involved with Danny (who I call 'Hom-ee') when he was part of MDO. After he left the group, we still kept contact through e-mail. I was and am his biggest and most devoted follower and friend! I was excited when he informed me that he was recording his album with Emilio Estefan and Sony Records. I am willing to support him in his career.
Danny always contacts his fan club when he comes to California. We are able to get all the exclusives on what is happening with him and his album. For information on his official fan club, visit us at: www.geocities.com/danielrenefc. You can also get information on his album release and find out when he's coming out to visit us here in Los Angeles. Maybe you can come, too!
OGQ: This name may not come to mind because this they haven't released a CD yet. Though they haven't stepped into the recording studio yet, they're preparing to bring to you guys the best boy band production to be heard, working hard in developing a sound that will stick to you. Take it from me: They're hot and they're Latinos from LA!
We had a chance to speak to one of the group's members, Miguel, who told us about their plans and other interesting stuff. Here is how the interview went.
Q: What is the group's style?
A: We want to have the style of a mixture of NSync and MDO?sporty-casual.
Q: When did the group start?
A: Three months ago. The idea of forming this group was David's and mine. We belonged to another group and wanted to go on our own and make a group in our own style.
Q: What are the member's names?
A: JV, D (David), Kevin, and me, Miguel."
Q: What is the group's objective?
A: We want to get to a point where we fulfill all of our dreams and have accomplished all we want to accomplish
Q: What are the plans for the album?
A: We want to start recording by November or December, hopefully with CBS, because they are interested in us.
After speaking to Miguel from OGQ, we know that they are gonna be a total exito because they are very optimistic about their plans and where they want to get and also because they have an immense talent. Something else we would like to add is that they are looking for their fifth member so whoever is interested can get in contact with Miguel by e-mail at Miguie8@aol.com or call him at (562) 868-7440.

About Lizette Escobedo:

Lizette Escobedo, 16, is a student at El Rancho High School in Pico Rivera.

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