A Vital Web Resource For The Health of Latino Small Business

In the wake of federal healthcare reform, a new bilingual website gives California small business owners step-by-step info

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Published on LatinoLA: September 28, 2011

A Vital Web Resource For The Health of Latino Small Business

Small Business Majority has launched www.GuiadeCoberturadeSalud.org, an online resource available in English and Spanish that provides California small business owners with unbiased, step-by-step information on how to navigate the healthcare market since the passage of federal healthcare reform.

This step-by-step resource offers small business owners and brokers all the tools needed when considering health insurance for employees. Like its English-language companion site, www.HealthCoverageGuide.org, resources are provided for business owners in order to make obtaining insurance for their employees easy to understand.

It couldn't come at a better time for Latino small business owners as the healthcare landscape is shifting and the market adjusts to provisions of the Affordable Care Act, signed into law in March 2010.

www.GuiadeCoberturadeSalud.org details provisions of the Affordable Care Act pertinent to small businesses ÔÇô and the website provides much of the first translations of the law into Spanish. Studies with Latino small business owners show that culturally relevant health insurance education and resources might lead more small businesses to offer health insurance for their employees.

www.GuiadeCoberturadeSalud.org assists small business owners with the complex terminology, laws and options of the health insurance marketplace and can help them determine if offering insurance to their employees is financially affordable. It will also help them narrow down the types of plans best suited to their needs and covers federal and state healthcare laws all California entrepreneurs should be aware of.

"As the Affordable Care Act continues bringing changes to California's healthcare system, it's essential to disseminate clear, objective information not only about the new law but about the system in general to help small business owners understand their coverage options," said Small Business Majority CEO John Arensmeyer.

www.GuiadeCoberturadeSalud.org has four main sections that cover:
ÔÇó Frequently asked questions about how the Affordable Care Act affects small businesses now, and which provisions will affect them in 2014 when the law is fully implemented.
ÔÇó The main issues to consider when deciding if it's affordable to purchase health insurance for employees.
ÔÇó Steps to follow if employers decide to purchase coverage, including a checklist, plus alternative healthcare options to suggest to employees if group coverage is financially out of reach.
ÔÇó Tools such as a tax credit calculator, which estimates how much federal healthcare tax credit employers qualify for, and the interactive cost estimator tool that identifies monthly and annual cost for a group of employees.

"Our hope is that the guide allows employers, including those who are so busy that they only have a few spare moments, to find the information they need and to better understand the processes and laws involved in offering health insurance," Arensmeyer said. "By placing this objective unbiased information at their fingertips, we hope to make the process of obtaining health coverage quicker and simpler for California's entrepreneurs."

Also, the organizations that serve small business, such as brokers, health plans and Chambers of Commerce, can use www.GuiadeCoberturadeSalud.org (and/or its English-language companion www.HealthCoverageGuide.org) as an independent, comprehensive source for health insurance information including tax benefits, the legal rights of employers and ways small businesses can cut insurance costs.

Visit the coverage guide at www.GuiadeCoberturadeSalud.org and see how this easy guide can help Latino small business.

Please note that www.GuiadeCoberturadeSalud.org is intended solely for informational use. Small Business Majority does not endorse a particular plan type, broker or carrier. www.HealthCoverageGuide.org was originally developed and launched by the California Healthcare Foundation, and with CHCF support, Small Business Majority has acquired and updated the site's content and has sole editorial control.

Small Business Majority is a national nonpartisan small business advocacy organization focused on solving the biggest problems facing America's 28 million small businesses. We conduct extensive opinion and economic research and work with small business owners, policy experts and elected officials nationwide to bring small business voices to the public policy table.

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