"Dexter" + Five Other TV Shows with Latinos Premier

The return of Edward James Olmos to the little screen signals the end of the autumnal portion of network programming

By Se Fija!
Published on LatinoLA: October 4, 2011

"Dexter" + Five Other TV Shows with Latinos Premier

It's about time! We've been waiting to see what Dexter's going to do now that (SPOILER! CENSORED!), and now the time has come: Dexter‘«Űalong with the fiery and now finished couple, Lauren V?ģlez and David Zayas--is back with a new season, beginning Sunday 10/2 at 9P on Showtime. And this season Aimee Garcia and Edward James Olmos are joining the cast; in roles they're not supposed to talk about (that's the joy and frustration of "Dexter," after all).

Five other network shows‘«Űthe tail end of the networks' fall season‘«Űare premiering in October as well.

The day after "Dexter" makes his first incision of the season, FOX brings House back from the brink‘«Űthough the good doctor is now in jail for his crashy little indiscretion at the end of last season. Odette Anable joins the cast‘«Űfirst as a prison doctor, later to be lured into "House"'s hospital‘«Űas the new season begins, Monday 10/3 at 9P.

Hector Elizondo returns to network TV, alongside Tim Allen in Allen's new vehicle, "Last Man Standing," 8P on ABC beginning Tuesday, 10/11. The "alongside" is literal: we understand he plays Allen's next-door neighbor.

Then on Wednesday 10/12, another long-overdue return finally comes to pass: James Roday and "Psych" return to the USA Network at 10P. We've missed you, Shawn!

Cult favorite "Chuck," rescued from the brink of cancellation by rabid fans and a desperate NBC, returns with all-new episodes on Monday, Oct. 21 at 8P‘«™and "Chuck"'s best bud Josh Gomez, who's been a riot on this show since Day One, is taking center stage now: as of the end of last season, he's the one with the super powers!

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