The Dodger Survey Says?

The McCourts abused their fiduciary responsibilities

By Jose G. Flores
Published on LatinoLA: October 4, 2011

The Dodger Survey Says?

I just got a survey request from the Dodgers, Here is one of the questions and my response: Do you have any comments regarding your 2011 Dodger mini-plan experience?

The ticket acquiring experience was very rough as the original sales rep I worked with was extremely obtuse and incompetent. Not until did he go to Arizona for spring break was I dumped onto someone else who was competent and was able to fill my request. I also felt that the costlier pricing for additional opening day tickets was abusive.

But the main reason that I am not going to be involved with the Dodgers today or in the future is that Mr. McCourt lost sight of what his purpose as owner is and that is to provide a family-friendly environment where fans can enjoy the Dodgers. Regrettably, Brian Stow had to be almost murdered for the world to become aware. But as a fan that has attended many games over the last 30 years, I have seen the gradual decline of the Dodger experience since Mr. McCourt took ownership. On opening day, I commented to my wife, "Where is the security staff before, during and after the game".

Mr. McCourt does not realize that the Dodgers never was and never will be his. The Dodgers belongs to the fans who support the team. We are just letting him borrow the team in the meantime. He had a fiduciary responsibility to take care of the team and the fans. Instead, he and his family abused that privilege and it is no wonder that his "empire" has crumbled.

I love baseball, and one thing I know about the game is that the baseball Gods have a way of leveling things out. We can say that the purging of the McCourts from the game is leveling things out.

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